phoning it industries
Established in 2012, Phoning It Industries is dedicated to producing quality indie video games. Currently, there is one work in progress: Quadrophobia.


(NOTE: Currently, the link goes to the game design blog.)

Quadrophobia is a gridbased puzzle game, currently in the early stages of development.

Inspired by Sokoban, Chu-Chu rocket, Endorfun and other such games, the goal is to reach the level exit within a given number of moves by moving your piece around the board.

Each level will have a unique layout, including basic walls (which are currently implemented), portal walls, breakable walls, moving walls, keys to open portals, as well as "powerups" that players can spend points on to adjust things like move values of the playing piece (see below), or rotate or flip the piece.

The playing piece has a number for each side, indicating the number of spaces it can move in that direction (up, down, left, right). The player will not be able to alter these values, except via the above mentioned powerups and breakable walls (which might, on some levels, reduce the move values of the piece when they collide).